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Why Law

Except for those fortunate ones with lawyers in the family, the rest of us grew up thinking of lawyers as black & white social outcasts chirping the occasional 'mee lord' in B-grade bollywood flicks. Most of us never even contemplated law as a career option when we made those vital decisions of picking careers.

However over the last decade the popular perception of the law degree has changed dramatically. Law has become a strong and versatile career option inspired by world class law schools such as the National Law School in Bangalore and subsequently NUJS in Kolkata, NALSAR in Hyderabad, NLU in Jodhpur and NLIU in Bhopal. The older institutions such as the legendary Government Law College in Bombay and the equally famous Faculty of Law in Delhi have responded positively and pruned their curriculum to face up to the challenge. The result - the five year law degree has all the ingredients to make it a excellent career option.

Having been law students we can speak only of our own experiences and learnings. The world has leaders and it has followers. Both serve distinct but critical roles but if you go to India's best law schools then you will learn to be a leader, to bear that responsibility and discharge it faithfully. You will think beyond problems and see the solutions and you will find ways to make those solutions happen and change something for the better - yes, you will bring CHANGE. You could do this whilst standing before the Supreme Court or at the heart of the corporate world - where you are wont make you less of a leader.

Alumni of the top law schools, notably the National Law School in Bangalore, have excelled in diverse areas. They walk the corridors of the Supreme Court, the various High Courts, the top corporate law firms and business houses, agencies of the United Nations and the other stellar organization

Career Options in Law

After earning the law degree, an individual have to following options to choose from as a career:

  • Corporate Counsel
  • Litigation
  • Law Firms
  • Social Work
  • Law & Business
  • Legal Process Outsourcing
  • Academia
  • Judiciary
  • Media & Law

To know more about these career options, Click Here.

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